By | Senior Editor, Orange County, CA – – Video Capture: The Vegan Panadero.

Southern California has its fair share of vegan vendors specializing in Latin American cuisine. Visit any Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair or Orange County Vegfest, and you will not lack for authentic vegan mole, hand-pressed corn tortillas, or loaded vegan nachos. However, the sweet side of Mexican cuisine had yet to be explored, until Earvin Lopez started Vegan by Victorias in the fall of 2017. What began as a personal weight loss journey and search for happiness, Lopez’s commitment to the vegan diet has blossomed into a successful vegan bakery specializing in traditional pan dulce. Vegan by Victorias has quickly gained a massive following among locals and the greater vegan community, gaining a coveted spot at this weekend’s Vegan Street Fair San Diego Nights.

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