By David Ishikawa – – Photo: Tiffany Blue

Photo 72/93 | 2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Dukes Car Club

Japan never ceases to amaze us. It’s a country that embraces culture from abroad, and for many just imitating a style isn’t good enough—they have to live and breathe it. This is how they show respect and how the guys in the lowrider community do it there. From the clothes they rock, the music they listen to, and even down to their tattoos, it all pays homage to a car culture that was born in Southern California 60 years ago. The main series that showcases this culture is the Lowrider Super Show, which hosts two events each year. The first is held in Nagoya at Port Messe Convention Center (same venue as Wekfest Japan), and the second held later in the year at Makuhari Messe (the same venue as Tokyo Auto Salon).

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