By Cindy Ramirez / El Paso Inc. Features Editor – – Photo: Jorge Salgado.

Photo: From left: David Gonzales, Gabriel Gaytán and Hector Gonzales pose at Lincoln Park in South Central El Paso, Texas, ahead of Lincoln Park Day Sunday, Sept. 23.

It’s a Mexican-American subculture that’s more a way of life than a hobby – restoring classic cars with chassis that ride close to the ground and hydraulics that make them bounce and dance, and often, painted with cultural artwork that rivals anything you’ll find in a museum. In the borderland, it all comes together on Lincoln Park Day, a celebration of the Chicano culture through art, music, dance, and of course, a lowrider car show. The event, at the park underneath the Spaghetti Bowl in South Central El Paso, is on Sunday, Sept. 23. The event is a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

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