By Susan Stapleton – – Photo: Amelinda B Lee.

Photo: ¡Salud! Tacos!

San Diego’s ¡Salud! Tacos!, a self-described “Chicano Food Eatery,” debuted its first out-of-state restaurant at Palace Station complete with tattoo-inspired murals, California and Baja, California-inspired tacos, and daily specials. The taqueria known for promoting local artists features a menu of ceviche and mulitas (kind of like a quesadilla but with tortillas forming a sandwich), plus a full roster of tacos, such as the califas topped with choice of meat and French fries, carnitas made in house, and birria, carne asada and pollo asada. Fried shell tacos, the frijoles de olla with nopal, Mexican street corn, and breakfast tacos and burros round out the menu, with everything ringing in under $12.

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