By Julie Stricker – – Photo: Humberto Howard.

Photo: La Santa Cecilia, winner of a 2014 Grammy Award for best Latin Rock Album, is performing Saturday at Hering Auditorium.

Fairbanks, Alaska — La Santa Cecilia is a Grammy-winning Mexican-American group based in Los Angeles. Fronted by singer Marisol Hernandez, aka La Marisoul, the group performs in Spanish and English with deep ties to bosso nova, mariachi, folk, Afro-Cuban, rock and jazz. It’s also got friends in interesting musical circles, collaborating with artists such as Elvis Costello and members of Led Zeppelin. La Santa Cecilia, named after the patron saint of musicians, won a 2014 Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for “Treintas Dias,” and was nominated for its 2016 album, “Buenaventura.”

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