By Alexsandra J. Ruiz-Ortiz – – Photo Courtesy Of Antonia Fernandez.

Photo: Antonia Fernandez poses with “Peacock,” her life-size portrait of a modern-day pachuca. Fernandez’s exhibit “Pachuco y Sirenas” will be on display at Museo de las Americas through Aug. 18.

“Hasta la muerte,” written in cursive black ink inside of a heart-shaped locket with Día de los Muertos-themed and frosted roses on my left collarbone, will not be the last time I endure needles piercing my skin. For my first body art, I wanted something to represent my culture and that of my fiancé, Gustavo. He holds “till death,” the English version of mine, in a skull-shaped key. While the theme of Día de los Muertos represents our culture, the differences in the language represent how America has changed the way we view each other.

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