Yeyyy!!! Excellent!!! A lowrider car should be displayed in this collection as one of the greater creation of Chicanos. In addition, a Pachuco Suit Zuit should be displayed as we all know that the Pachuco Outfit came out from Mexican Americans… yes, back then, during 1930 – 1947 when the istyle used to to be a gangster look sort of like ‘Al Capone’s style… during the depression era, young Chicanos couldn’t afford those type of outfits. Therefore, Chicanos had to become creative n started getting their outfits taylor made. N that’s how the unique style of the Pachuco came about. Due to discrimination young Chicanos were getting in trouble for dressing like that because supposedly they were using too much fabric to make their outfits. They endured a lot of discrimination because of the Pachuco style. It is time that we write our own history n stop allowing other ppl to write it for us. As many ppl appropriate our unique style from our beautiful culture. Ty

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