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The picture doesn’t do them justice! These Dye-Sublimation over Fully embroidered patches w/ PSB Plus (strong pressure sensitive backing) are absolutely beautiful. The PSB plus makes the patch stick to almost any surface without the need to sew it. HOWEVER, if the item that you are going to put this patch on will be washed often, we recommend that you get the Patch sewn on!

Pachuco and Pachuca Art by the talented Julian Mendoza. The Zooter Art is by Pachuco Tony.

Prices: 3” Pachuco ($10), 4” Pachuca ($15), 3” Zooters ($15) and 8” Pachuco ($30).

*Limited Inventory Available

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3” Pachuco, 3” Zooters, 4” Pachuca, 8” Pachuco