By /Riverside Arts Council – – Image Courtesy of Rosemary Vasquez Tuthill.

This was painted from a black and white photo taken in 1948. The work was sketched by Emigdio Vasquez as his last unfinished work. Rosemary completed the painting using her father’s painting style. The painting honors orange packers filling crates of Rooster Brand oranges at the Santiago Orange Growers Association packing house, North Cypress Street, Orange, California, 1948. The ladies pictured from left to right are: Esther Luna Poblano, Jenny Ramirez, Connie Alanzo, Beatrice Vasquez Vega, Louise Vasquez Blue and Rita Faliz. Notably, Beatrice and Louise are Emigdio’s sisters, thus Rosemary’s aunts. The art of Rosemary Vasquez Tuthill can currently be seen in the Riverside Arts Council’s Artscape exhibit at the Riverside County Administration Center.

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